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Take the chance to build the #1 insurance marketplace in Indonesia

Making insurance accessible for everyone

If people are more protected, they can live a more stable life and support their loved ones with peace of mind.

Lifepal is an insurance marketplace that recommmends the best policies for its customers. We provide protection and consultation services made to protect our customers.

Customer's trust is what we value the most. We know most people don't trust insurance agents and brokers; that's why we build consultation and post-sale services to improve the experience of buying, having, and using insurance.

We help our customer make best decision at every step of the process, just like a friend, before and after they buy the policy. We have 24/7 support and much more.

We are a team of experts that is made of motivated individuals who can achieve together extraordinary goals.

You will find a very dynamic environment, where we focus on innovation and customer experience; share problems and successes as a team and always put the customer first.


  • Competitive salary
  • Great bonus based on performance
  • Great office atmosphere and energy
  • And of course, insurance!

If you have what it takes to disrupt the healthcare and insurance industries in one of the most exciting and fast-growing markets in the world, apply here.

We look forward to receive your application and talk to you soon!

Join the most experienced insurtech team in Southeast Asia!

Insurance and e-commerce enthusiasts with years of experience in the field! 1st employees in companies like Lazada, AXA, Marsh, BIMA, JLT, Qlapa, Money Smart and many more!

  • Benny Fajarai

    Benny Fajarai

    Head of Marketing
  • Reza Muhammad

    Reza Muhammad

    Head of Technology
  • Giacomo Ficari

    Giacomo Ficari

    Head of Sales
  • Nicolo Robba

    Nicolo Robba

    Head of Operations
  • Novi Irwanto

    Novi Irwanto

    Associate Telesales Manager
  • Feitha Iriani

    Feitha Iriani

    Affinity Manager
  • Fu Amalia

    Fu Amalia

    Partnerships Manager
  • Elin Hermawati

    Elin Hermawati

    Operations Manager
  • Nina Riama Sari

    Nina Riama Sari

    Finance Manager
  • Oktorilla Fiskasianita

    Oktorilla Fiskasianita

    Employee Benefits Consultant
  • Raditya Wardana

    Raditya Wardana

    Senior Editor
  • Retno Wulandari

    Retno Wulandari

    Social Media Manager
  • Helda Sihombing

    Helda Sihombing

    Junior Editor
  • Dzulfikar Al Ala

    Dzulfikar Al Ala

    Senior Content Writer
  • Ruri Rubi Sari

    Ruri Rubi Sari

    Content Writer
  • Andra Satria

    Andra Satria

    Junior Engineer
  • Valensio Prasetya

    Valensio Prasetya

    Junior Engineer
  • Kevin Kentjana

    Kevin Kentjana

    UX Designer

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WeWork Noble House, RT.5/RW.2, Kuningan, East Kuningan, South Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia, 12950

jobs@lifepal.co.id(+62) 823 300-300-27